CARIO Electric Cart

With Thai Summit Group’s experience in pioneering automotive parts production in Thailand, we proudly present “Cario”, a compact electric vehicle produced under Thai Summit's own brand.

Cario is packed with a higher driving capability than general compact electric vehicles, and it is the solution of the future’s requirements. Designed by Thai Summit engineering team, that values continuous R&D for energy saving and environmental friendliness. Cario proudly present our nationwide service team.


Our CARIO Electric Car has passed all safety tests, which guarantees that it is safe to drive for all.

Our CARIO Electric Car has been designed by a computer for the best result in the production process, by using software such as CAD/CAM and analysis programs such as CAE.


CMM is used to compare with CAD or drawings in both 2D and 3D.



GEN3 comes with new colors, as well as a more luxurious design.

This will be an everyday cart, not just for use on the golf course, but can be used anywhere. This model will allow the customer to cut down on the cost, as well as the energy consumption (gas/electricity).

  • The body parts are produced of high grade plastic which is equivalent to industry standard and is highly flexible.
  • Aluminum chassis frame is durable to all corrosion.
  • Console is designed to be multifuctional like a road car.

GEN3 (Golf cart) 2 seats.
GEN3 Extention-GEN33 Extention (Passenger car) 4- 8 seats.
GEN3 Mutiwagon /Traveler (Utility car).

Testing Center

The desigining of CARIO Electric Car is within the production standard of ANSI  (American National Standard Institute) ANSI Z130.1-2012 for golf car safety and performance specification, and has already been tested with the following series of tests.

  1. Impact test
  2. Salt spray test
  3. Thermal test
  4. EMI (Global Standard)
  5. Crash test

Design Capabilities

CARIO Electric Car can be customized accordingly to the needs of the customer. It can be used for the golf course, community, hotel and resorts, hospital or even industrial sites. This can be done by using 3D CAD Model in the designing process.


Contact supplier

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