Ogihara Corporation

Ogihara group, a member of Thai Summit Group, has been a leader in die manufacturing and metal stamping for more than 60 years. We provide our customers with world class technologies of die construction, stamping and body in white assembly.



Non-Contact Measurement Systems

We utilize a non-contact white light 3D scan system for dimensional measurement. For our group, we have ATOS, Hexagon and Optico for 3D photo scans. This system is roughly 5 times faster than traditional CMM machines and provides complete surface data. This system is used for measuring point data for part tryout during die improvement, production part approval process (PPAP), virtual assembly, production parts and reverse engineering of parts.

Stamping and assembly Tandem & Transfer

Our operations in the US, China and Thailand have both tandem and transfer presses that are fully automated and equipped with double sliding bolsters for quick die changes. The lines are automated from feed to finished part, minimizing handling while increasing output.

We stamp parts from steel (galvanized, cold rolled, high strength, stainless), aluminum and tailor welded materials.

Laser Welding

Thai Summit was the first supplier in North America to laser weld galvanized steel. Using a proprietary process, we are able to consistently laser weld galvanized steel, meeting high customer quality standards. We currently have 5 remote laser welding stations. Using laser welding has several merits including reducing cycle time to 0.5 second/weld, ability to save tooling setup and investment, and able to secure high surface quality.

Engineering and technologies Modular Assembly Cells

Modular assembly cells offer maximum flexibility to meet our customer needs. Some benefits of modular cells are unique lines dedicated to each product, cells can be moved to accommodate changes and these cells can upload parts automatically.

Virtual assembly

Using white-light scanning on individual components in order to conduct a virtual assembly prior to the actual assembling of panels during launch. This allows us to find critical concerns early in the launch process. Some advantages of this innovative approach include:

  • Less change loops required for improved implementation.
  • More reaction time for improvements.
  • Reduces time spent on root cause analysis.

Die construction

Ogihara Corporation is an expert in high quality tooling for skin parts, closure parts, aluminum parts and high tensile material parts. The processes start from feasibility study, die layout, design, construction, tryout and homeline support after die shipment. Our services guarantee the best productivity after the start of production. 

Tailor-Welded Aluminum Stamping

Tailor-welded blanks and aluminum have become standard tools used by automakers to reduce weight and complexity of their products. Thai Summit America is aggressively pursuing the marriage of these two technologies to provide the best solutions, now and in the future, for our customers.


Roll Hemming Build Optimization

Thai Summit America has done extensive development to further optimize the process of roll hemming to improve dimensional quality and reduce surface defects. Roll hemming provides a cost effective option for low volume builds.

Design Capabilities

Simultaneous Engineering

We get involved with the customers from the design phase to shorten product development time. This simultaneous engineering process includes proposal of prototype, feasibility evaluation, cross functional team and engineering change request on formability.