Wiring and Electric Components

The manufacture of power distribution system products and signals to control all types of automotive equipment, which covers other electronic components designed using holistic development processes, before supplying to both domestic and international OEMs.


Our first priority of process design is foolproof and low cost automation. All equipment and technology developments were designed by our engineering team, which gives our factory a compettive advantage.

High performance cable extruders are designed for processing a wide range of materials with smooth running at high speed, they also allow quick color changes up to 4 injected header. This is all controlled by a real time smart control system.

The automatic machine technology improves our production process by using robots and inserted cameras with high efficiency control for quality, cost, delivery and safety.



Our main product are wiring harnesses for automotive, motorcycle, agricultural machinery and electric equipment that uses over 50% of in-house parts from our affiliates, which have expanded continously to exceed all expectations for a competitive advantage in the industry.

Automotive cable and component parts, our products are widely used within this industry in a range of vehicles, such as automobiles, motorcycles and agricultural vehicles. We have reached global Quality standards based on JIS, JASO (JAPAN), ISO, TIS and VDE. ​

Testing Center

Our laboratory can test all wiring harness and component kits covering electrical, mechanical, physical, chemical, temperature and humidity testing included in environmental simulation. All of these tests are certified by ISO/IEC17025.

Our vibration test machine can control temperature and humidity together with a variety of movement tests. The equipment was designed by our laboratory engineers for successful simulation and testing capability and to fully support our customer requirement and industrial standards.

Design Capabilities

We have all related programs for the design of wiring harnesses which are 100% compatible with the customers design format. Engineering teams, both Japanese and Thai can work as co-designers for circuit design, layout design, harness drawing, product simulation and validation.